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Zoho Advanced Partner
Zoho Advanced Partner


November 2019


  What we've been doing . . .  

Zoho Advanced Partner

Yasiru's Bon Voyage

We had a fabulous lunch out on October 24th for our very clever and valued team member Yasiru - He's popped home to Sri Lanka to get married! We are missing your awesome programming skills and can't wait to meet your new bride. See you in December.


Zoho are upgrading to API 2.0.
Check your Settings - Developer Space - Functions
If you see a red 'Deprecated' box, contact us asap
These functions will STOP WORKING on December 31st 2019.

Apologies for our phone problems - it is fixed now
1300 369 268 is still the same
The direct office line is now +61 7 3555 5840

Real Estate

Email templates, data importing and systems testing.

Custom fields set up

Phone call workflow

Campaigns - creating and sending

Mass emailing through Zoho CRM

Advertising Company

Sales and Marketing presentation and process mapping

Updated dashboards and invoicing systems

Medical Liaison

Quality Assurance System set up with custom fields & modules

Configuration for bookings systems with specialised functionality

Automated email reminders

Automated call recording

Training manual created and testing underway

Retirement Village Complex

Created views

Extracted and replaced notes

Specialised Radio

Website form integration

Beauty Product Suppliers

Import of multiple spreadsheets with various data

Set up test server, tested & transferred data to new environment

Financial Services

Workflows for a potential client

Client report creation including charts and links

Subforms and conversion mapping

Form editing

Merging of Zoho reports and Writer for multiple documents

Application pack set up in forms

Configuration with Zoho Sign for electronic approval process

Establish a process for multiple sign off on application approval

Field tracking, audit logs and timeline details

Cloned and mapped multiple forms

New modules for agreements and accreditations

Project Milestones, Tasks and Gant Chart

Updated fields with previously logged data


Security Services

Zoho People and licensing. 

Zoho Creator proposal. 

Campaigns support.

Produce Supplier

Call schedule adjustments

Call template adjustments

Training and support

Added a button as a workflow trigger

Cleaning Services

Maximizer maintenance verification

SQL view for UDF analysis for data transfer

Automatic Teller Rental Company

Reconfigured transaction module importing and calculations

Overview of Zoho Applications:

  • Desk for in-house support
  • Showtime for staff and franchisee training
  • Meeting for online meetings and screen sharing
  • Connect for sharing of manuals and training documents

Air Conditioning Service

Calculations development and demonstration

Capacity, Jobs & Products process discussion