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February/March 2020


  What 's coming up  

  What we've been doing . . .  

Real Estate


Social Media set up

Email Campaigns

API Migration

Financial reports

Data management


Calculator function

Medical Services

Quality Assurance Project

 - Flowchart

 - Data import

 - Process map

 - Dashboard

Customised booking module

Scheduled functions

User manual and training

Updated API functions

Sales IQ bot

Beauty Product Suppliers

Updated date fields

Product export including notes

Email integration

Financial Services

Report creation

Mail merge

Data formatting

Email triggers

Troubleshooting remote logins

Broker sign up workflow

Application form integration

Electronic signatures and multi approval processes

Roles and permission security

Support ticket set up

Blueprints for processes

User manual and training

Security Services

Candidate and interview status

Capture points established

Email templates

Blueprint processes

Mapping Recruit and People

Log book functionality

Incident report functionality

User Manual

Produce Supplier

Systems troubleshooting

Status functionality


Buyer and Grower data imports

Sales IQ chat

Air Conditioning Service

Capacity Planning development

Capacity Calculator  

Installer booking views

Products import

Job status dashboard

Customer portal training

Support and updates


SQL and CRM integration

Product sync

Zapier integration

Saasu sync

General ZohoOne training on multiple applications

Radio Station

Blueprint functionality (processes)

User manual


Staff import

Roles and profiles

Systems training