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April 2020


  What 's coming up  

Due to COVID-19 we have temporarily closed our office in Hamilton and are all working remotely from home.

We are available on the same phone number, our mobiles and via email.

See Facebook, Google My Business or Linked In for weekly updates and tips.

Work from home

Zoho are providing free partner training and certification during this time so we are continuing to upgrade our skills.

Business Systems Specialists

  What we've been doing . . .  

Real Estate

Restructure deals 

New module for investors

New modules for Leases 

Importing data

Syncing with Campaigns

Create a function to auto populate Properties

Form set up and design

Reports created

Electrical systems




Quote summary and template

Webform set up and functions

Function for quote calculations

DKIM and SPF enabled

Integrated Sales IQ & Contact Us form in website

Multi-select fields and multiple contact roles

New module for tracking products

Notifications for form submissions

SMS configuration

Medical Services

Added Sales IQ articles for auto response

Training in Zoho Campaigns

Update spreadsheets to charts

Webform set up and link to CRM

Importing products 

API function for bookings

Beauty Product Suppliers


Review SQL setup, backup and maintenance

Monthly reports and pivot table

Customer Service dashboard

DOMO integration

API wrapper optimisation

Financial Services

Lender module update

New module 

Linking records

Balloon refinance function

Desk support


Desk set up

Functionality for automating Desk tickets 

New module for technical issues

Security Services

Zoho integration with Attache and Humanforce

HR integration development


Testing log book data on iPad and CRM sync

Incident module review

Deluge functionalities

Log book, injury and incident reports


Produce Supplier

Create views for a week

Mapping update

Importing and de-duplication for leads

Update site audit system

Auto create tasks by users for audit outcomes

Training on using Zoho Sheet view

New project with a new business in the industry

- setting up a buyer call schedule

- importing data

MYOB sync troubleshooting

Air Conditioning Service

Troubleshooting email system

Troubleshooting missing record


Mainframe development

Referral lists

ABN lookup

Internal forms

External forms

Manufacturing & Sales

Outlook integration

Web time out